onsdag 15 juni 2011

Fiktivt grattis

Idag har en person som jag tillbringar en hel del tid med namnsdag i Sverige. Hon tycker om att säga saker som:

"I'm not the answer. Not for you - probably not for anyone."


"But what law says you can't love a maniac?"

samt ibland

"You're a crazy boy, Adam, and every time I see you, you're crazier than you were the last time. Before long, you'll be as crazy as I am."

Ja, man blir lite frånkopplad från verkligheten när man läser samma bok ett helt år. Det är Margot Juin, en av karaktärerna i Austers Invisible som har namnsdag idag. Grattis, säger jag, eller kanske hellre félicitations eftersom Margot faktiskt är fransyska.

2 kommentarer:

bloody awful poetry sa...

Hi Nina! My turn to drop by your blog now :) Everything is in Swedish, but thank goodness for Google Translate, so I can hopefully understand chunks of your posts. I have not read any Paul Auster novels (I hope that's who you were actually talking about?) but I've looked him and his stuff sounds quite interesting.

Nina sa...

Hi and welcome! Yes, Google Translate is the lord and the redeemer (to quote another passage from Auster's book), although I can imagine the translations being somewhat... interesting at times. I guess that means it's up to you to decide when it's Google being stupid and when it's simply yours truly.